We are working on re-shaping our brand throughout 2020.
One of our greatest desires of change is to include you, our customers. We hope to to make this change by involving you more on our mission.  To make you feel more comfortable and at ease whilst you shop with us.
A positive message to the world will be injected throughout Pretty Pink Princess in which we will radiate love, wisdom and positivity.
We decided to kick start off 2020 by making a huge change to the brand.
This came about as our founder felt as though this change is and always will be very close to her heart.
The mission was to create a gender neutral brand concept. A comfortable and accepting platform in fashion and beauty. She decided it was time to involve anyone and everyone on her journey.
"At one point I doubted UNIVERSUS. Then I remembered something a good friend once wrote...
Only dead fish go with the flow.
I then realised that this isn't just my vision. It is so many other people's vision too. One that I can help come to fruition. So in that moment, I knew I had to do it".
UNIVERSUS didn't just happen over night. A lot of hard work, research, creativity, highs and lows brought this beautiful concept to life.
Dating back historically from the Native American tribal groups, gender was also neutral. They called it 'Two Spirit'.
They showed respect, empathy and attention to the web of living. Therefore, everyone in those sacred and wise tribes were accepted for who they were and who they wanted to be, inside and out.
We now plan to bring back that ancient wisdom that was once so profound. Through the living language of creation in modern day society.
Our purpose is to introduce more culture, history and fine emotional creativity into every single collection we release in 2020.
We still share a brave and positive message to the world. A pledge to our customers that with every purchase they are also contributing to this diverse change.
We will transmit love and courage to those who decide to walk this path with us.
To feel joy with no judgement is our greatest intent.